Mar 28, 2015


     This week has been a truly weird one. I`ve actually been so tired that I literally fell asleep on my dentist`s chair. It`s been such a sunny, springish weather all week long, but unfortunately, didn`t actually have the time to shoot any photos for the blog and now, guess what? It`s going to be a rainy weekend! Me is so not happy.

Mar 25, 2015


"I couldn`t help but wonder"
   The line is so Sex and the City, but the thing is that,  I really couldn`t help but wonder about so many things, these last couple of  days. I always feel like I`m in front of a two way street and I have to pick one. Also, I always believe that every small decision has or will have in the future, a big impact.

Mar 23, 2015


    This outfit embodies my mood of the past few days so well: messy hair, ripped jeans, backpack and comfy shoes. My usual self is somewhere on the backseat, and grumpy cat me is driving.
Though I look a bit moody in these pictures, I really like the city lights, the sunset light and this classy camel coat. Of course I had to mix it with something far away from the classy neighbourhood, like ripped jeans, a backpack and some slipons.

Mar 19, 2015


Hey babes, so it happens that lately I`m only posting at really late hours. Unfortunately, this is the time of the day when I have all the time in the world to spend it here, in my favorite place, so I`ll take any time of the day given.
 I`m actually pretty lazy for not posting more often, though I could, of course I could. But it`s that silly, little thing, called procrastination, which makes me, in the most beautiful manner, to  kill time, while time is killing me.The philosopher I am.

Mar 16, 2015


     Everybody hates Monday, but since we can`t do anything about that, we can certainly do something about our attitude. After all, I`ve got 99 problems, but Monday ain`t one.
Lately, I feel like wearing a lot of black, the more the better. When I realised that my entire outfit is made of black items (black shoes, black skirt, black shirt), I simply added something a bit more colorful to change the vibe of the look. Oh..and a smile too!
Come on, let me see your teeth, smile a bit:)