Jun 24, 2015


    Two weeks ago I thought to myself, while I was on my way home after work:  hey, why don`t I go into this thrift shop? I haven`t been in a while and maybe this time the gods are with me.
Such a golden idea I had, because as it turns out,  I found this pair of Dolce and Gabbana flare jeans. This is how a day turns from salty to dolce, from nada to gabbana. Do you get me?
    I said the same prayers two days ago, and guess what? Now I own a vintage Ralph Lauren bag too. I`m going to show it to you in the future posts.

Jun 17, 2015


     On hot summer days, I prefer my shoulders to be as naked as my face. I can`t stand to wear any make up during the day time and I also am not a big fan of wearing jeans. I would just feel trapped in my own clothes and I always dress the way I feel rather than what I know it`s trendy and hot right now. That`s why, you`re going to see me wearing lots and lots of skirts and dresses, all day every day.

Jun 15, 2015


    It`s Monday and I am as happy as in the next picture. For today, I chose something casual but chic at the same time, a pastel dress, matched with sneakers, because comfort is king some days.
This weekend my parents arrived here and as you can imagine, I completely stopped thinking about anything related to work. This is why it is so hard for me to focus today and get into working mood.
So guys, how to you make your Monday better?

Jun 10, 2015


    This was one full day. One of those days that ends really, really late and you really, really regret it in the morning. Especially if it is a Monday morning.
I wore my new t-shirt from Kurtmann and my favorite vintage skirt while going out all day with the girls. Hope you guys like it.