Nov 23, 2014


Everytime I go out and decide to take some photos for the blog, I search for beautiful places, that catch my eye in a second. If you think about it, this is how I shop too..
I always search for irresistible beauty, for something elegant, classic and mesmerising. 
Luckily for me, these two are the only areas where I put my eye and my mind above my heart. Luckily or not the luckily..

Nov 15, 2014


      I`m spending the entire weekend at my parents house, in my hometown. I`m feeling way better than the last time I posted on the blog (btw, thank you for all your get well wishes) but just to be sure that the fever doesn`t return, I chose some of my fluffiest and coziest clothes for the weekend.

Nov 13, 2014


    Hey, guys! I haven`t posted during the week and at this time of the day for almost half a year. Today, I have all the time in the world..since I am stuck with fever in bed. It sucks, yup!

Nov 10, 2014


During the weekend it`s the perfect time to wear ripped jeans. It`s my escape from the usual, from my Monday to Friday routine.
This weekend, the weather was perfect for a stroll on the streets of the city, covered with cozy blankets of colorful leaves.