Sep 26, 2014

Wandering and Wondering

Wandering the streets of Bucharest is the perfect decor to start wondering about thousands and thousands of stuff, like "How come it has been so long since I`ve last been to a museum" or " Where did she get that awesome hat from?". 
I know it`s been a millennium since I last wrote on my little blog and I thank everybody for their messages and comments. I have truly missed it, but I also have a crazy shedule. 
Still, I`ll remember to stop along my way, here, home.

Jun 16, 2014

Picture perfect

You can never know how a person truly is. Or we do know, but we refuse to see. 
 We open books and see different things or we focus on different things, we listen to a song and feel different about it, we discover a person, but we see different things in her.
`Beauty is in the eye of the beholder` but maybe sometimes we stare too much at something, in vain.


May 17, 2014

Fashion event: Fuyor launch

[RO] Postul asta e "cusut cu ata rosie".
 A fost cea mai aglomerata si cea mai ploioasa zi a saptamanii, aproape ca nu am gasit taxi, aproape ca ma razgandisem si aproape ca ma vedeam acasa, in pat, cu o cana de ceai in mana. Din fericire insa, taxiul numarul 439857347865 nu m-a lasat sa pierd evenimentul. Este vorba despre lansarea oficiala a brandului Fuyor si totodata a website-ului. 
Mi-a facut foarte mare placere sa vad rezultatul muncii unor oameni atat de tineri, creativi, originali, plini de viata si de farmec.

May 11, 2014

#12 Things you do when you should be studying

My first and best piece of advice I could give you, is to do all the hard work when you really feel like you`re in the mood for studying. When you`re not really in the mood for it, you will just do it because you have to do it and you`re not going to be so successful at it or you`re going to find a million excuses to postpone the studying for later. And we all know how these excuses work..

1. You feel like you can`t study until the room is squishy clean, or the entire house..or the house of a friend as a matter of fact.