Nov 25, 2015


     Hey guys, I`m really trying to pull myself together and stop being so terrible at posting. I can`t wait to show you all the pictures we took this weekend.
Looking at these ones right here, it makes me think  about the things that feel so good, but are so bad for us.

Nov 19, 2015


Short post today babes. Lately, my relationship with time has gone from bad to worse. Today`s outfit was, again, inspired by the fact that I was running late. Story of my life.
My go-to clothes for these kind of moments, are mostly black, simple jeans and a jacket with a strong cut. And an even stronger perfume to feed my self confidence.

Nov 16, 2015


In order to really understand my mood, you must first listen to this song
This is probably my most spontaneous decision, filled with fun, romantic and happy moments. Looking back at these pictures, it makes me feel like I want to be there right now. To feel cold, to have a red nose, to be excited, nervous, spoiled and overwhelmed. 

Nov 12, 2015


    Let`s do a short recap. You can be over a relationship, over a fight or  over a dress you kept hoping for months and months to finally go on sale but you know what you just can`t get over?
Why the amazing over the knee boots, of course.

Nov 10, 2015


    Considering everything that happened lately, I couldn`t focus on posting anything on the blog. I felt like it was too superficial, pointless or meaningless, compared to the latest events.