Jun 27, 2016


I was wearing: Ray Ban sunnies, Kotton hat, Pimkie pants, Accessories bag, Lachez top, Stradivarius Heels, Pandora bracelet.

In the morning I felt the urge to talk to you about changes and how much they affect me, but now, I can only think about this crazy weather.
I know I`m a tad evil sometimes, but these past few weeks I thought I was already in hell! By the way, Satan called, he wants his weather back!
So, since it`s illegal to go to work in a bathing suit, I`m trying to find decent combinations for the office. I have the entire weekend for indecent outfit combinations. Hell yeah!

Jun 22, 2016


I was wearing: Zara shoes, Ray Ban sunnies, H&M hat, vintage bag, randon brand t-shirt and skirt
I don`t know how others use their 24 hours a day, but my 24 hours are not enough. This is how I can explain the fact that these photos, taken in Budapest almost a month ago, weren`t published on the blog so far.
Looking at the photos now, I really love them and I really miss those views. Being a traveler it`s life.
I hope you like the photos as well, babes and I`ll see you soon!

Jun 20, 2016


I was wearing: Ray Ban sunglasses, Zara shirt, BCBG shoes, Ralph Lauren bag, vintage shorts.

Hey guys, although is Monday, here is still weekend. So this is the best Monday ever! I love being comfy and not really decent during weekends. I want to dress the way I am not allowed at work, just to feel like I haven`t lost my right of expressing myself.  At least during the weekends..I am so lying to myself right now!

Jun 13, 2016


I was wearing: Zara pants, Converse shoes, Vintage bag and top, Mango sunnies

Mondays suck, but here are some pretty pictures taken in lovely Budapest with this ever lovelier pair of fancy pants. What do you think?
I love the pictures with my sister, we`re so funny ❤️ 
I would love to stay and chat some more, but today I feel like everything is meaningless. Utterly meaningless. "Nothing really matters" the words of a great philosopher. My great philosopher. Freddie Mercury, of course.

Jun 12, 2016


Another week is fast approaching and I can almost see Monday with his best friend, the 6 a.m. alarm clock, just around the corner.
These photos were taken every day after work, from Monday to Friday, with my phone (Galaxy S6 edge), so the quality is not amazing. If we compare it to my Nikon.  Sorry about that, guys.
 And since this post is about working day outfits, I started to think about "Working Girl". I don`t know how many of you know, but it`s a great 80s movie.
Here are some quotes that are worth checking out, because they are as real today, as they were 28 years ago.