Oct 6, 2015


    [EN] This skirt is something that I simply wanted to check from my list. Do you have a list? Do you have things that stick in your head and you must, by any means, just do. I`m not that superficial, I`m not only talking about my skirt, which I hope you find it as cute and fun as I do, by the way :D

Oct 5, 2015


[EN] We have officially reached that annoying time of the year, when it`s sweater weather in the morning but by noon, you die from a heatstroke. This could probably be the reason why I`ve been sick for almost a week now. Bloody flu.

Sep 25, 2015


[EN] Soft pink, cozy knit, a little bit of fringe = perfect for a freezing cold day, in the middle of August.
I am not such a big fan of going out when the temperatures are lower than my age. I just prefer to snuggle in my bed, drink hot tea, read something, watch something or eat until I feel guilty. I just want to feel like a hot marshmallow floating on a wool cloud.

Sep 23, 2015


[EN] Hey guys, sorry for not updating the blog in what felt like centuries, but I was crazy busy lately. Here are a couple of photos we took at the very beginning of September.