Oct 25, 2014

17 Cool stuff about rain

    Rain doesn`t always look bad, especially when you`re in your cozy bed watching old movies and still wearing pajamas after noon. Weekend is a bliss!
    The outdoor activities are history, of course, but at least we can catch up on some reading, cleaning and posting. If it was summer, I bet you`ll love to play in the rain like a kid. Me too

Oct 13, 2014

Trench Weather

Sometimes I can`t wait for a  season to come just so I can get to wear a piece of clothing that I missed.
When it comes to transeasonal dressing, the trench coat is the first piece that comes to my mind.

Oct 9, 2014

I know what you did last summer

Here I am again, in a weekend getaway in Bulgaria, shaking my purple pleated dress from left to right. This carefree day was carefully spent with the people i care about the most, so it brings a smile to my face seeing these pictures again.

Oct 5, 2014


It is such a cliché to go through the pictures you took last summer and nostalgically want to teleport there and then, isnt`t it?