15 apr. 2014


Yesterday I was telling you about this trip to the past that I did, thanks to Retronaud and today it looks like I am still living in the past, stuck in the 70s to be more precise.
I haven`t worn flared jeans in years, the last time I did, I think I was still in high school. This pair is definitely old, from my cousin`s closet. She doesn`t clean it very often so the pair could as well be from 1973.*hihihi*
I chose to mix it with my favorite round sunnies and a floppy wool hat and there I was afterwards singing: "I would call you up every saturday night/ And we both stayed out 'til the morning light/ And we sang, Heeeeeeere we go again" Woo-hoo
Yes, I love that song and I feel that somehow, on some level it is dedicated to me. Well, mostly because James Blunt says my name four or five times during the song :D
Anyways, what`s your favorite song? Believe it or not, I am really curious!

I was wearing: H&M floppy hat, New Yorker round sunnies and shirt, Vero Moda Jacket, Old jeans, Zara Sandals and Reserved bag.

What do you think about the outfit? Would have been better if the jeans were a bit more high waisted? Or a fringe bag to complete the outfit? Would have been a lot hippier, I bet!
Can`t wait to read your opinions!

14 apr. 2014

Monday Crush

Mia Farrow in the 60s

Internet can be a friend or a fow. It can help you find many useful things easier and faster as well as it can  help you in pracrastinating.
Of course, I know better than everyone that I am a Master in pracrastinating. I think I deserve a special title already, something like Simona San, Master of Pracrastination with a black belt in waisting time on the Internet. And not only, so beware!
So, as I was doing my routine check on my usual sites, I thought about checking tumblr a bit and then I found this magical site, which I did not leave for a couple of hours. It got my mind in the time machine and I was traveling at the speed of light. My first stop was in the 50s (no wonder I love midi skirt so much), followed by a quick stop in the 70s, than back in the 30s, had to visit the 40 too and before you know it, two hours passed. Shocked!
What am I talking about? Maybe some of you are familiar with it already, maybe some of you are not. I`m talking about Retronaut, the photographic time machine.
I love history, I love photos, I love spicy and funny stories, I love to read about unusual events and I love knowing more and more about everything.
Unfortunately, I`m not very disciplined. I`m the type of person who will start 4 books and finish none. I can read the beginning of a book for 7 or 8 times before I finally finish it.
So why do I appreciate this site even more?! Because it teaches me so much, about a variation of topics, developed over a vaste period of time. And the thing I remember first, is the picture, so the visual impact has a high importance for my memory.
I made a short selection of the photos from Retronaut so if I made you curious, check http://www.retronaut.com, make sure you don`t have a deadline or something urgent to do, and be prepared for a hell of a ride back in time.
A visit to London
Covent Garden by Clive Boursnell
A car full of oranges, taken in the 50s
A visit to London in 1957
Streetstyle in the 60s

Beatles dresses
Convaircar 1946-1948
Girls in the window, 60s

What do you say? Do you like it as much as i do?
See you soon with a new outfit post!


11 apr. 2014

Fashion Friends

@Bogdan Zop Photography 

I love happy people! There is always something about those who smile, who send you a good vibe, with whom you can click from the beginning without even trying and who really make you feel comfortable. 
Well my old friends, let me introduce you to my new fashion friend, Cristina. 
We`ve been following eachother for some time now, so we decided to do something special for our blogs together. And thanks to Bogdan, the cool guy who took these awesome photos, we actually did.
 Cristina and I first met at this photoshoot and from the beginning I knew that we will get along juuust fine. Mostly because we both arrived to the meeting later, we both had no idea what to wear but still, we both were laughing our heart out the entire time. 
Weird enough, we brought something that mixed and matched perfectly, a polka dot dress and a striped top. Believe me when I say, this is the weirdest piece of clothing I have in my closet and the moment I put it on I suddenly feel like an 80s spanish woman saying "Ay caramba!"
So what do think? Do you like the result?
Stay tuned, because we have more surprises for you!
If you want to know more about these cool guys, you can follow Cristina here and here and you can also follow Bogdan here.
Lots of love!
Yours truly,

I was wearing: Pimkie skirt, New Yorker shoes and sunnies, Vintage store top and bag.
Cristina was wearing: Asos dress, Shoes here, random brand bag.