May 4, 2016


Utrecht is a wonderful city in the central Netherlands. This was the last place we visited before flying back home. That`s why I had a sad and tired face in some of the pictures.
Now let`s go back to Utrecht. It is a medieval old town, which has been a religious center for centuries. It has wonderful canals, an amazing university and Christian monuments.

I loved the atmosphere there and maybe because it is a community dominated by its university is filled with cute, tall, blue-eyed men. Lucky me!

May 2, 2016


Hello Monday! Usually, after a sleepless night, I would hate you, but it`s a non-working Monday, so I`m dealing with my sleepless night differently.
Currently I`m in my old bedroom from my parents house. I don`t know why, but I`m feeling all the feels. The smell of the books, the sun rising up from my window, the sight of the old living room in which I used to sing (perform actually)  every morning while watching MTV are so dear to me. Unfortunately for my sister and for the rest of the neighbours, I was an early riser back then.
Time changes things, obviously, I am grateful for that too. I am not a morning person anymore, but I still do sometimes perform, in the evening, for the delight of  my neighbours.

Apr 30, 2016


I was wearing: Zara beanie, H&M scarf, Ralph Lauren Jeans, my sisters boots, Accessories bag

I really have to find the time to keep posting the pictures taken in Holland a month ago. Because it`s going to be summer in no time and you will still see me on the blog, wearing a scarf, beanie and a cozy coat.

Apr 26, 2016


I was wearing: Zara boots, River Island bag, Ralph Lauren jeans, Vintage Coat

I have never been so cold in my entire life. Now that we said our hellos, here are a million photos from Bruges. I was so eager to see this beautiful city, you can`t even imagine. Unfortunately, it was too cold, especially in the evening, to enjoy the beautiful buildings and the architecture of Bruges.
Maybe that`s why, I have more pictures with the city than with me. I was slowly turning  purple because of the cold.

Apr 19, 2016


The truth is, I wasn`t as eager to see Amsterdam as I was about Bruges. I couldn`t wait to see Bruges, I made an outfit especially thinking about that magnificent place. 
In the end, Amsterdam took my heart.