Feb 5, 2016


    This is so me: kinda classy, kinda hood, kinda mature, kinda childish, kinda cold, kinda hot. You could say that "I hate being bipolar, it`s awesome!"
I wore this coat a million times before ( like here, here, here, aaaaand also here and here) and I just can`t stay away from it. It`s cozy, fluffy and I love the color.
It would have looked way better with a skirt or a pair of heels, but it`s just too cold for me. That`s why, the top of the outfit is classy and the bottom is hood.
Hope you like the outfit!
See you babes! I wish you a great relaxing weekend ♥

Feb 3, 2016


I was wearing: Coat - H&M, Bag - Accessories, Sunnies, Dress - Mango, Shirt - Zara
 Looking at these pictures I`ve started to think about influence. Yes, influence, power and weight.
  The things we see or we hear everyday have such an impact, without us even noticing.
   Let`s take for example, I don`t know, movies? Isn`t it funny how something fictional can influence our reality? How real is our reality anyway? 

Feb 1, 2016


I was wearing: Boots - Calvin Klein, Sweater - Zara, Hat - H&M, Bag - Vintage, Pom-Pom - Parfois, Gloves - Promod

Here it is: a postcard from Cismigiu, after the latest snow storm in Bucharest. It looked like a fairy tale and I had to endure the low temperatures because I couldn`t miss this.
Hope you like the pictures as well!
Happy Monday, guys! (My heart wants to write more, but my brain still stubbornly thinks it`s weekend, so I`m not counting on that guy for the next hour)

Jan 29, 2016


I was wearing: Boots- Prada, Coat - C&A, Bag - Ted Baker, Sunnies - Old, Pom-pom - Parfois.

  Today I woke up with the sun in my face, in my bed, in my hometown. Such a great feeling that I find miself missing so much lately.
Something else I`m missing, is my bunny, but I will surely tell you more about it in a future post. But if you follow me on my instagram account, then you know all about it. Mostly because I have become like one of those mothers who post a billion gazillion pictures with their baby, doing nothing but looking cute. Yep, that`s me.

Jan 27, 2016


I was wearing: H&M top, Mango boots and sunnies, Ted Baker bag, Mohito coat.

    You know how they say that "nothing is worth it if you aren`t happy"?!
These pictures were taken a while ago, while I was still 25. You know I told you about this issue I have with age and time. But as it goes by, I do learn one thing. Nothing really matters if you don`t have that peace in your soul, that balance between your head and your heart. Money really means nothing, presents mean nothing, new stuff mean nothing, sales mean nothing. All that matters is a happy heart. And it is hard to think about what you really want without hurting people around you with your decisions.