Jan 24, 2015


         So this post was going to be about the little joys of life, like receiving flowers, or hearing on the radio unexpectedly your favorite song, bla bla bla, screw all that! I have something bigger to share with you today! 
All you other bloggers out there will understand me when I say that taking pictures for the blog, ain`t such an easy job. For me, it`s my sister who helps me a lot and has the patience to take pictures of me for the blog. But her patience drops dramatically when I start having suggestions. So there I was, during one of my suggestions that my sister should take a picture of me while jumping:

Jan 19, 2015


  Right now I`m snuggling in my cozy bed, eating my favorite Ferrero Rocher candies and reminiscing about the weekend. I told you on Instagram that I  finally got my hands on a perfect camel coat. To me, it has the perfect length and it`s not oversized, like most of my coats are. And what`s even batter is that I found it in a vintage store at a more than reasonable price. Lucky me! I mixed it with my old Ralph Lauren polo jeans, Next shirt and that perfect C&A backpack. 
Oh, in case your Monday sucked, I can share my candies with you guys! hihi

Jan 18, 2015


   I don`t know if you guys read the news lately, about that model who had chemical filler injections for her legs. Unfortunately, those fillers started rotting her body tissue. I was in shock when I saw the images. All day I couldn`t stop thinking about her, about vanity, about the things we stress and how far we`re willing to go for something so little. We only come into our senses when something shockingly awful happens to us or to someone close to us. 
  We just have to choose what defines ourselves, save our soles, and not let vanity take over us.  Sounds weird coming from me, I know. We all have a little bit or a little bit more of vanity in us.   
 We`re addicted to the material side, because just like Madonna used to say it in the 80s, we live in a Material World. 
But babes, we should love ourselves more cuz we don`t need chemical injections, botox or something to "fix" us in from of the entire world to see. We don`t have to let this material world run us, we can run it just the way we are now. So have faith!

Jan 11, 2015


    How often do we enjoy the little things? Like a walk in a park, cotton candy or spending quality time with someone important to us? Sometimes I feel like we don`t really respect our time and our youth. Why do I say that? Because we almost never put first what truly matters, but what we need for the moment. 
    Unfortunately, because I have the flu, again, I got to enjoy something else that I haven`t done in a while: watching TCM all night long. God, Ray Liotta was so handsome in Goodfellas!
    As you know or may have figured, the weekend is the perfect and the only time I get to shoot some pictures and escape into this sweet little world of mine. So, despite of the flu, I had to get out there, and what do you know? The weather was amazing, sunny and warm, it almost felt like spring!

Jan 5, 2015


    How was your Monday, busy bees? After 2 weeks off, it seems like the worst Monday ever! Personally, I was still dreaming about my vacation, about my lazy mornings in bed, delicious breakfasts, watching romantic comedies or old movies, cuddling and goofing around the house in my pajamas most of the day. Well, so long to that!