Aug 23, 2016


     If we ask the urban dictionary what a girls night out is, I bet we`re gonna get something like this:
A girls night out is a planned event, usually held at a cheesy pub or dance club, where groups of females dress provocatively, flirt incessantly, dance badly and accept free drinks from desperate single men.
Well, from my experience, the men are never ACTUALLY SINGLE.
The event usually ends when one female passes out or vomits in her own bag, oooor, when one of their boyfriends show up.

For this weekend, I had it all prepared: the girls, the dress, the attitude, the mood, the shoes, I also had the perfect bag, in know.
Buuuuuuuut, since I`m almost an old fart, I stayed in the house all weekend long, sick in bed, wearing a super comfy t-shirt.  Wonderful.
All bad things happen for a reason, friends, and that`s how I discovered an interesting site, called That`s when I remembered that Hey, I have a respectable job at an office! And seeing all those fabulous and classy dresses made me forget about the embarrassing night that I didn`t even experience, but almost had. Btw, even if I had it, I wouldn`t regret it.
Personally, I think we should redefine the term "girls night out". So that people like me will not feel so old and outdated.
A girls night out is a planned evening where a group of females bitch about everything with  the aim of promoting self-discipline and self-respect. Do we agree?

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